What’s the first thing you have to do when you finally decide that you want to sign up with an online trading services provider? The first thing you have to do is to pick a trading account. After doing that, you are given access to all the resources that the company has to help you with your trading career. Now, the thing you have to see here is that signing up with these companies is not a simple matter. They have varying requirements, and some of them can be quite tough. My Proligon review revolves around this company because I think it has designed these trading accounts perfectly.

There is no doubt that other companies give you a lot of trading account options as well. You pick one from the list and then get the features that are included in the account. However, I think the arrangement of features and the convenience that comes with any trading account with Proligon is unmatched by most of its competitors, if not all. Let me tell you how.

Six Account Choices Designed for All

Which part of the world you are trading from does not matter on this website. You can pick from six account types and each type has features that suit that particular group of traders. Let me tell you the accounts by their names: Standard, Silver, Gold, Diamond, VIP, and Pro. Now, if you notice, even the basic account is not just one. With most other companies, you just have one basic account. Sometimes, people are semi-trained at trading and a completely basic trading account does not suit them. In the case of Proligon, the Standard account is very basic.

If you think you have gone beyond that basic phase, you can always go with the Silver account. Even for advanced traders there are two options i.e. Gold and Diamond. If you have become a professional trader, you can go with the VIP or Pro account.

Features That Suit Everybody

Have you noticed that some companies are very frugal with their offerings to basic traders? I have noticed this trend and I can say with surety that it exists because I have been associated with this industry for years. With basic trading accounts, you get the bare minimum, which is not enough for most traders in most cases. For example, as a basic crypto trader with a cryptocurrency broker, you might be limited to just trading ETH and BTC. This is not a good sign for basic traders, but you don’t have to fear such things when you sign up with Proligon.

With the basic account, you have education, daily news, and even up to 25% margin loan included within the features. The most important thing is that you will also have an account manager for you with just this basic trading account. The higher you go the better things become.

Perfect Leverage Offerings

Another trend that I have noticed with online brokers is that they don’t offer much in terms of leverages to their new traders. Rather than teaching them how to trade with leverages, they believe in limitations and making the leverages really small. I can assure you that your leverages will not be small when you sign up with Proligon. The company is offering you leverages of 1:200 with just the basic trading account. If you go with the VIP account, the leverage can be as high as 1:300.The last and the biggest trading account has leverages of 1:400 for you. Things just don’t get better than that for traders.

Final Thoughts

It should be evident to you by now why traders love the trading accounts from this company so much. The competition among online brokers is tough and being known for something is definitely a huge achievement for any trading platform right now. If you have an option to sign up with a broker that is known for being different and better, there is no reason why you shouldn’t.