Not a lot of online platforms are designed for investors and traders at the same time. When you sign up with one, you are either trading or investing. However, Zulutrade is different in that it offers you one place for traders and investors. It’s quite a unique concept that this company has implemented and I want to make it clear through this Zulutrade review.

I want to tell you why this company is different, and more importantly, it is also very caring of its traders. It has many features to offer that I see either lacking on other platforms or only in subpar forms. So, continue reading if you want to know whether or not this company cares about its traders and investors.

The Customer Support Feature

When you sign up with an online company, you start using its features and then you run into a few problems. I always tell new traders that they will always run into problems no matter how easy and straightforward the trading platform seems. So, when you finally end up in a situation where you need help, do you get the help you deserve? Yes, with this company, you will get the help you deserve from people who have been professionally trained to deliver knowledgeable solutions to you. They can tell you all about the platform, how to trade on it, and how to use its many features.

What I admire about the customer support feature from this company is that it is there for you 24/5, which means besides weekends, you can call them at any time you want. If you are not in the mood to call, you can send an email. If you want instant attention with a matter, you can use the live chat feature too.

One Platform for Every Asset

Here is something that I want you to know. When you sign up with this company, there is nothing wrong if you are already signed up with an online broker. You have to know that Zulutrade is more like a platform with resource rather than a broker. It doesn’t directly provide you with trading services. Instead, it lets you trade the assets provided by your broker and use its platform for copy trading. In other words, even when you are using Zulutrade, you will have access to all the assets, leverages, spreads, and other trading features that you have access to on your broker’s platform.

Now, the best part is that you can use this platform on all of your devices. Whether you use a desktop computer on a daily basis or have a smartphone that you hold dear to yourself at all times, you will find this platform on all of those devices. In fact, the company has gone so far as to design the platform for Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Once you have signed up, you can have access to indices, commodities, crypto coins, forex, and stocks.

ZuluGuard and Social Trading Features

In this section, I want to emphasize the features that I think are a clear proof of this platform caring about its traders and investors more than any other competitor out there. Firstly, you can back test your trading strategies when you sign up on this platform. If you find problems in the strategy, you can continue to refine it before you trade live. With ZuluGuard, you can keep off traders from your trading panel that don’t align well with your trading preferences. Also, you have the Automator feature that you can use for automating your trades and keep emotions out of trading.

Final Thoughts

There are only so many things that you can consider to know if a platform really cares about you. I think this company checks all the boxes and provides you with a platform that can redefine trading for you. Don’t spend years in learning how to trade when you can follow a trader who is consistently successful with their trades.