One of the most important steps that you have to take for beginning your online trading journey is opening an account with a broker. It does not take long for you to find that there are a multitude of platforms that have been founded over the decades. A look at some of them will show you that many promise you similar quality of services and features. But, do you take them at their word? In this age of the internet, it is necessary to do your homework like checking out this IBC Exchange review.

Yes, it might take some time and effort, but the result is worth it because it ensures that you choose a brokerage that can be used for trading in the long run. You do not need to worry about switching platforms down the road and missing out on opportunities, or having to deal with hassles and complexities. Having its offices in London, United Kingdom, IBC Exchange has become well-recognized in the financial markets. But, this doesn’t mean that you should not do your homework. You need to assess its offerings to know what it can provide. Take a look here:

Assess its asset offerings first

It is best for you to begin with the assessment of their asset offerings because these determine if you can achieve the financial goals you have set for yourself and if they are in accordance with your risk tolerance. The asset offerings at IBC Exchange are such that they can suit any trader because they have added instruments belonging to different financial markets in one place. You can choose trading instruments from the commodities, forex, stock, indices and cryptocurrencies market on the IBC Exchange and create a balanced and diversified portfolio.

Assess the trading platform

The software you use for trading in the market is known as the trading platform and you need to assess it as well in order to ensure it is up to the mark. Otherwise, your trading performance can suffer significantly. You will find that no compromises have been made by IBC Exchange in this regard because they offer a sophisticated and powerful trading platform to their clients. As it is web-based there are no worries about downloading and installation. A huge range of trading tools have been added to assist in the trading process like market reviews, trading signals, price alerts and charting capabilities.

Assess the security measures

One thing you definitely need to check is the security measures that have been implemented to keep your information and money safe. When you sign up with a brokerage, they are responsible for offering you the maximum protection because online trading comes with cybersecurity risks. The good thing about IBC Exchange is that they have not taken this responsibility lightly.

They are aware of the risks and have implemented strong measures to combat them. They maintain segregated accounts for their clients, so their funds remain separate and are not misappropriated or stolen. The use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption on the IBC Exchange website also encrypts all sensitive data to prevent anyone from accessing it.

Compliance with AML (Anti-money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) policies is another security measure that IBC Exchange has taken for reassuring their clients. The chances of financial fraud, identity theft and money laundering can be mitigated in this way.

Assess the customer care

It is a must to check what kind of customer care is offered, if any, and IBC Exchange has done an outstanding job in this area. They have added multiple channels for customer care, including email and phone, which can be used for contacting their team 24/5. You can also take advantage of live support, or fill out the online contact form to arrange a callback.

The Verdict

Assessment of the various offerings of IBC Exchange make it apparent that it ticks all the boxes and can be a good platform for your trading journey.