The circumstances governing post pandemic era coupled with fast-evolving field of cloud computing has now made it possible for you to become a global trader from the comfort of your home. There is no need to physically visit any brokerage house or hold personal meetings with financial experts. You can collect and analyze all the latest and accurate data required to conduct online trading with the click of a button while browsing a trading platform.

The first step for you is to join a trustworthy and transparent trading platform. You will find DG Flex to be a proficient trading platform amongst numerous platforms available in the online trading market. In the following DG Flex review, I will elaborate the top three features of this trading platform for you benefit from.

Device Compatibility

Irrespective that you are a beginner or a seasoned trader, you will find DG Flex trading platform to be sleek and extremely user friendly with 1-click trading experience. It features an intuitive user interface.

This platform runs on any of your gadgets such as tablet, laptop or desktop. In case you are not carrying your device, you can access it from any computer from any part of the world as long as you have an internet connection even without downloading the website. However, you should avoid conducting online trading activities using a public Wi-Fi available in public places for security reasons.

If you are a frequent flyer, it has developed a special app which can be easily downloaded on your smartphone. It has a powerful cloud infrastructure compatible with any HTML5 browser and mobile phone.

The platform is compatible with all the operating systems currently in use such as Android, iOS, Windows and MAC.

Best Execution Policy:

The core principle on which DG Flex was established is the basis of ethics and integrity. It makes all efforts in providing to its traders a fair and transparent trading environment. To support its “Best Execution Policy”, the team pledges to keep the financial interest of its traders above their own interests and incentives. When executing a trade of any asset on behalf of the client, it takes reasonable care to achieve most advantageous terms to the traders by placing the trade at the right time and price.

Accordingly, it aims to provide “best execution” by endeavoring to realize a better price of an asset than what is currently quoted in the financial market.

License, Compliance and Regulation (Legal)

DG Flex takes its legal responsibilities very seriously. It has zero tolerance policy towards money laundering and terror financing. It has well documented Terms & Conditions which establishes an agreement between the trading platform and the client. Its various clauses govern the usage of the platform, access to its website, limitation of liability and intellectual property.

The Customer Agreement establishes the terms between this trading platform and the trader. It explains rules and documentation required to open the trading account, method of payments and commissions on the trades conducted. It elaborates the rules about Bonus Policy, Data Protection Policy and Indemnities.

It has a well-documented Privacy Policy which specifies the procedure of collection as well as protection of personal information such as personal identity, banking and transactional detail gathered from its clients.

The team is aware of its legal responsibilities and it strictly complies with all provisions of Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Financing of Terrorism (FT) regulations. This is done to prevent identity theft and money laundering.

Wrapping it Up

In a nut shell, thousands of satisfied clients from all parts of the world speaks highly of the top tier services provided by this platform. Its ability to offer bespoke portfolio and all-in-one solution to its clients has made it a next generation online trading firm. If you are ready to make the plunge in online trading, then sign-in today with DG Flex and trade global markets with a firm you can trust.